Enhancing Digital Presence and Streamlining Editorial Workflows for Funkhaus Würzburg Radio Stations

Crafting Success: Revamping Funkhaus Würzburg with Craft CMS

Discover how our digital branding expertise and the implementation of Craft CMS transformed Funkhaus Würzburg's online presence, elevating their user experience and streamlining editorial workflows to drive success in the competitive radio market.

Funkhaus Würzburg is a renowned broadcasting company that operates two top-rated Bavarian radio stations, Radio Charivari and Radio Gong. These radio stations are an integral part of everyday life for people in Mainfranken. In addition to the radio stations' websites and apps, Funkhaus Würzburg also manages the news portal Mainfranken24.de and the heimvorteilswelt.de platform, which features weekly offers from local companies and online retailers in Würzburg and Mainfranken.


Funkhaus Würzburg was facing several challenges with their existing digital presence, including inflexible website structures due to island pages, limited freedom for editors, outdated design and usability, and performance issues. The old WordPress-based websites were particularly challenging for the editorial team, who needed to create and publish content quickly, even when on the go.


The primary goal was to optimize the mobile usability of the websites, while also offering more options for editors, streamlining workflows, and enabling new interactions with the audience. Additionally, the project aimed to modernize and tailor the design and usability to the target audience, create new marketing opportunities, and improve overall performance.

Radio gong wuerzburg website relaunch header moderatoren
Radio gong wuerzburg website relaunch header moderatoren 2


To address these challenges, a comprehensive approach was taken, beginning with an analysis of the market, target group, and current user behavior. A design refresh was implemented across all digital channels to create a more contemporary and user-friendly experience. A modular system based on Craft CMS was developed for all radio stations, allowing for quick and easy adaptation. Development kits for both iOS and Android apps were created, and several workshops and CMS training sessions were conducted to ensure the team could effectively use the new tools. The project also involved continuous development to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Radio gong wuerzburg website relaunch aktuelles
Radio gong wuerzburg website relaunch nachrichten und aktuelles
Radio gong wuerzburg website relaunch nachrichten mobile

“We are totally excited about the newly created possibilities! Hoods worked very intensively into our internal processes and the special topic of radio and implemented our projects accordingly”

- Fabian Steigerwald, CEO Funkhaus Würzburg
Radio gong wuerzburg app player

Radio Gong App Screens: Stream Player

Radio gong wuerzburg app voting und moderatorenupdates

Radio Gong App Screens: Timeline


The new, uniform IT structure significantly improved internal work processes for the Radio Gong team. As a result, the number of visitors to all websites increased dramatically. New revenue streams, such as banner placements and content marketing of entire articles, were created, contributing to the company's growth. Following the relaunch, the radio stations' apps ranked in the top 10 of the radio download charts in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

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