Nuuna's High-Performance Responsive Online Shop: A Seamless Blend of Beauty and Functionality

Crafting a Stunning Online Shop for Nuuna Notebooks

Nuuna is a renowned notebook brand known for its unique and stylish designs. Their high-quality notebooks are not only visually appealing but also offer a delightful user experience.


The existing Nuuna online shop was limited in flexibility for the editors, making it challenging to manage content effectively. Additionally, there was a need for improvement in content and search engine optimization (SEO) aspects.


To create a responsive online shop that beautifully showcases Nuuna's products while providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, the aim was to enhance content management and SEO by integrating Craft CMS and incorporating lookbooks to promote new collections with direct shop possibilities.

Nuuna webshop 02 productpages
Nuuna webshop 04 lookbook


We began by developing a new website using Craft 3 CMS, which offered improved flexibility and content management capabilities. We then successfully combined the JTL-based web shop with the new, leaner content management system.

Moreover, we introduced lookbooks for promoting new collections, providing customers with a visually appealing browsing experience and the option to shop directly from the lookbooks. This innovative approach not only enhanced the user experience but also helped drive sales and brand engagement.

Nuuna webshop 05 lookbook mood


The revamped Nuuna website and online shop significantly strengthened the brand's online presence, offering visitors a comprehensive brand experience. With the successful combination of Craft CMS and the JTL-based web shop, the new site now boasts improved content management, SEO, and a stunning, high-performance online shop that truly reflects the beauty and functionality of Nuuna's products.

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